Heyra Til, weary Traveler, the story of a people, fearless explorers, whose footsteps ye now walk upon.

Driven by the spirit of adventure, in longboats, they came, with tales of the old ones, of Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life, and with the passions of good drink, fine food, and a fierce sense of family, deeply rooted in their culture.  For a time they wandered here, and in the fertile earth of the Americas, they left the seeds of their beliefs, which mingled with the indigenous grains.  Slowly, in the deep darkness, new roots sprouted and spread… Yggdrasil, born anew!

THIS, then, is the Spirit of Norse Brewing Company – Supported, like the Tree of Life, by 3 Roots – Beer, Food, Family.   All who enter here are Brothers & Sisters, drinking deep from the horn of plenty & savoring delicious feasts… a bond forged while celebrating life & the family of Humanity.

Together, let us forge new legends with the finest craft beers, unique and delicious American/Scandinavian food, and tales of our shared adventures!

WE are Norse Brewing Company, and ye are welcome to our adventure!


BEER  ▪︎   FOOD   ▪︎  FAMILY

Brewmaster Brad

What makes our beers so epic? We believe it’s our Brewmaster Brad Wynn. For over 2 decades Brad has committed his heart & soul to re-defining the craft of brewing. After graduating from West Chester University with a bachelors in Economics, Brad discovered that his true passion lay in brewing, and after studying brewing technology at the Siebel Institute, Brad hit the ground running, becoming Head Brewer at various breweries in Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania before settling in the Triangle area. His skills and talent have made him a brewing legend, not just in the area, but among beer lovers around the world. Now, as co-owner and Brewmaster of Norse Brewing Co., Brad continues to push the boundaries of the art, creating truly unique and delicious beer.

If you’re hungry you have no time to talk at the table.”

— The Havamal

No Viking celebration of family would be complete without a delicious feast, and our food is as epic as our beer!  We source the best ingredients from local suppliers such as Union Special Bakery to bring the highest quality dining experience to your table. These Southern favorites with a Scandinavian twist will conquer any appetite, large or small, and pair perfectly with our brews!

The Norse Family

It All Began with Family

The Norse Brewing Company tale began, like many Viking adventures, with a gathering of family, although they didn’t realize the tribe they were creating at the beginning of that evening. Neighbors Brad & Chris were relaxing in the backyard, toasting friendship and telling stories of their adventures. As the evening progressed, the discussion of what makes a great brewery became more passionate, and by the end of the evening, the dream of Norse Brewing was realized.

Soon the Norse family was complete with Chris’s wife, Jenni and her sister Jeannie, & Brad’s wife Lynn, each bringing their own unique skills & passion to the Norse commitment of Beer, Food, & Family. Together, they made the dream a reality – a brewery where Brad had space and resources to innovate and create his greatest beers yet, as well as a meeting place with great food where everyone who entered became a welcome member of the Norse family.

At Norse Brewing Company, it all begins and ends with Family!

Norse Brewing Company

203 Brooks Street | Wake Forest, NC 27587

(919) 554-4555

Monday – Thursday   11:00AM – 10:00PM
Friday  11:00AM – 11:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM-11:00PM
Sunday   10:00AM – 9:00PM

Effective July 2021, we have implemented a 2% kitchen bonus to every guest check. The money gets distributed evenly between all our amazing kitchen staff. The goal is to provide more equity between Front & Back of House roles, help retain and invest in our current staff, and allow the Back of House to experience the success of Norse as a whole.