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In Nordic traditions, hospitality is at the core of everyday life. It is woven into the fabric of society so when Norse was founded, it was grounded in that tradition. When our founders Jenni and Chris Jorgensen started the journey that became Norse Brewing Company, they knew they wanted those ideals embedded it the company’s ethos. Their idea extended beyond the traditional host and guest relationship as they wanted to create an environment that not only our guests, but also our team members, understood they were part of something bigger than their individual contribution as a member of the crew. That they each had a part in ensuring Norse as whole upheld the Nordic hospitality code.

We set forth to build an environment which will allow our Guests to have a great experience every time they come through our doors, we want to help our over 70 crew members to be able to make a living wage so they can support their families and enjoy a quality of life not always associated with the restaurant industry. We also wanted each employee to feel committed to our goal of giving back to our community which is supporting us every day.  The foundation of what we do is edged into our Rune Stone: “We are a Modern Viking Community of All Peoples – A brotherhood and sisterhood of people who are all different both on the outside and the inside, but when we come together we are one and the same joining our differences in strength and celebration to each do our part to make the Great Feasts truly great and together drink from the horn of plenty.”

To provide more equity between our front of house and back of house, we instituted a 2% kitchen appreciation fee. This 2% is split by our back of house employees to increase their hourly pay and create more equity between front and back of house. We know that happy team members are long-time team members, perfecting their craft and offering our guests a great experience when they choose Norse.

We want Norse to be a place where our team members can work and provide for their needs. Whether short term, long term, on the side, or full time, we want our Norse crew to be able to provide for their family, and in turn feel great about taking care of our guests. We stand by this belief through programs including our 401k plan and great health benefits you can expect as a Norse Family member.

Norse Brewing Company

203 Brooks Street | Wake Forest, NC 27587

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Monday – Thursday   11:00AM – 10:00PM
Friday  11:00AM – 11:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM-11:00PM
Sunday   10:00AM – 9:00PM

Effective July 2021, we have implemented a 2% kitchen bonus to every guest check. The money gets distributed evenly between all our amazing kitchen staff. The goal is to provide more equity between Front & Back of House roles, help retain and invest in our current staff, and allow the Back of House to experience the success of Norse as a whole.