Norse beers made on site and served directly from the tank.

As our fall beer we just combined the fall months of October and November.

Tart ale brewed with coriander and salt to create a light refreshing sensation.

A German-style Pilsner and the first beer Brad released after winning the Best of the Best brewery award. The play on Brad’s last name didn’t escape us.

West Coast style IPA made to showcase the fruity and piney flavors these beers are known for.

Summer Wheat Ale with 50% wheat and soft hops to create a refreshing summer ale.

Belgium Strong Ale which derives its flavors from multiple yeast strains. It starts with a gold ale yeast and finished with a blend of approximately 10 brett strains. Fruity, funky and complex.

An unfiltered “cellar beer”, brewed with traditional German ingredients to create a classic Helles beer. German yeast, malt and hops. A Brewer’s beer, like drinking straight from the tank.

A Pilsner brewed with Noble hops for aroma and flavor, balanced with malty sweetness from German pilsner malts. A refreshing classic.

Hoppy American Pale Ale brewed with light American malts and loads of American hops such as Idaho 7, Comet and Amarillo.

A floral, fruity and tart beer brewed with Hibiscus in the kettle whirlpool. Refreshing summer ale.

Malty Norwegian style ale, brewed with European malts, American hops, and Norwegian ale yeast.

Dark Ale Stout brewed with a variety of roasted malts to impart flavors such as chocolate, caramel and coffee.

Tart ale brewed with coriander and salt to create a light refreshing sensation with fresh blood orange.

Not just named because we introduced this rye in July, but because of a funny story of misinterpretation.

Brown Dark Ale brewed with caramel and chocolate malts to provide a rich toasty and nutty flavor.

A Belgium style wheat beer brewed with orange peel, coriander and chamomile.

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Effective July 2021, we have implemented a 2% kitchen bonus to every guest check. The money gets distributed evenly between all our amazing kitchen staff. The goal is to provide more equity between Front & Back of House roles, help retain and invest in our current staff, and allow the Back of House to experience the success of Norse as a whole.